Policies & accessibility

8 New Square is committed to the active promotion of equal opportunities and to ensuring an absence of direct or indirect discrimination.

Chambers aims to offer an excellent level of service at all times. As part of this we have a number of policies and processes in place, some of which are accessible below.  Individual Privacy Policies for all our Barristers can be found on their profile pages.

The Equality and Diversity Policy has been implemented for some time and E & D matters are dealt with by a committee of four silks (including the E & D Officer) and one junior, the Chambers Director and the Business Development & Administration Manager. It meets regularly to discuss E & D matters, review monitoring data and recommend changes to policy or specific adjustments. The E & D Officer is also the Wellbeing Officer, and the E & D Committee is now the Equality, Diversity and Wellbeing Committee. 8 New Square takes the wellbeing of members and staff very seriously and has an established Wellbeing Policy and support structure in place.

We are fortunate to occupy a listed building in New Square but unfortunately that restricts the adjustments that we are able to make for disabled access.

However, we are more than happy to make alternative arrangements for any of our clients or visitors whose needs require disabled facilities and access. We are very willing to visit clients at their own premises, and to do everything we can to make our services available.

If you are unhappy with any aspect of service from either a barrister or a member of staff then please contact Ben Newham, Chambers Director, or refer to our complaints procedure below.