Design Rights

Members of chambers act in all areas of design rights, including UK and Community registered and unregistered design rights. The internationally respected textbook Russell Clarke and Howe “The Law of Industrial Designs” is authored by members of chambers.

Members are involved in cases in the IPEC, the Shorter Trial Scheme, and the High Court, as well as cases in the Court of Appeal and Supreme Court. Recent cases in which chambers has acted include Tynan v J4K Sports Limited (design rights in gloves for football goalkeepers), Pulseon Oy v Garmin (design rights in wrist heart-monitoring technology), Cantel Medical v Arc (design rights in a medical device), Madine v Phillips (design rights in a dress from the TV show Gypsy Weddings), Scomadi v RA Engineering (design rights in retro-style Lambretta scooters), Neptune v Devol (design rights in kitchen furniture), Action Storage v G-Force (design rights in plastic lockers), T&A Textiles v Hala (design rights for a label for packaging).

Chambers was also involved in cases in front of the Supreme Court, including Lucasfilms v Ainsworth (Star Wars “Stormtrooper” helmets and other props which was heard in the Supreme Court in early 2011).