Honda Motor Co. Ltd and Honda Motor Europe Ltd v Derek James Neesam, Kevin David Neesam and D&K Motorcycles [2008] EWHC 338 (Ch)

28 February 2008

James Mellor QC and James Abrahams represented the Claimants in January 2008 in this action for parallel importing against the Fourth Defendant (as the Claimants had obtained summary judgment in relation to the other three Defendants). The issue at trial was whether the Claimant had given implied consent for the Fourth Defendant to put bikes on the market in the UK. The Judge held that the Claimant had given consent in relation to one batch of bikes that had been supplied to the Fourth Defendant by a particular supplier but the Claimant was granted summary judgement in relation to the other bikes which the Fourth Defendant had imported from different suppliers.

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