Recent cases

R v MAFF ex parte Monsanto PLC, intervener Clayton Plant Protection Ltd Case C-306/983 May 2001EC Directive on agrochemical products – Authorisation of generics. Judicial review proceedings concerning the validity of the grant under Directive 91/414/EEC of an agrochemical product licence to a generic producer. The ECJ upheld the validity of the grant of the generic licence under the transitional provisions of the Directive. Earlier proceedings in the Queen’s Bench […]
Antonio Munoz y Cia SA v Frumar Ltd [1999] FSR 872, Ch D (Laddie J)26 March 1999EC Regulations on grape varieties – Action by competitor against trader using wrong variety name – Variety proved by DNA evidence. Case about grape varieties. The Court held on the basis of DNA evidence that the defendants had used variety names for grapes different from the correct variety name required by EC Regulations on the […]
R. v Medicines Control Agency ex parte Smith & Nephew, intervener Primecrown Ltd [1999] RPC 70525 March 1999EC Medicines Directive – Licence suspended by interim injunction – Assessment of damages under the cross-undertaking. A claim for damages under a cross undertaking in damages given in return for interim relief which restrained the holder of a parallel import licence from importing and selling a pharmaceutical product pending a ruling from the European Court. […]
R. v Medicines Control Agency ex parte Smith & Nephew Plc, intervener Primecrown Ltd [1997] 1 CMLR 812, Case C- 201/9426 December 1996EC Medicines Directive – Free movement of goods – Marketing authorisation for parallel imports. Concerned the compatibility with Community law of the grant by the Medicines Control Agency of a product licence for parallel importation of a pharmaceutical from another member state. The ECJ decided that a product licence allowing parallel importation should be granted […]