Actavis Group HF v Eli Lilly & Co [2012] EWHC 3316 (Pat)12 December 2012Richard Meade QC acted for the successful claimant in Actavis Group HF v Eli Lilly & Co [2012] EWHC 3316 (Pat).  This is an important decision which recognises that English courts have jurisdiction to hear claims for infringement of multiple foreign designations of a European patent. The defendant applied to strike out or stay the […]
Novartis AG v Dexcel-Pharma Ltd [2009] EWHC 3363 March 2009In Feburary 2009 Novartis AG brought a claim against Dexcel-Pharma Ltd for infringement of its patent for isolated cyclosporins, a naturally occurring peptide produced by fungi which produces immunosuppression that is useful in recipients of organ transplants. Dexcel-Pharma had not yet marketed its product, Deximune, in the UK. The validity of the patent had already […]
Belvac Production Machinery Inc v Carnaudmetalbox Engineering UK [2009] EWHC 292 (Ch)26 February 2009John Baldwin QC, sitting as a deputy judge, in the Patents Court heard this case in January 2009 involving a patent for a ‘necking machine’ used to manufacture drinks cans. Belvac brought an infringement claim against the Carnaudmetalbox in relation to two of its necking machines. Carnaudmetal challenged the infringement claim, arguing that its machines […]
Zipher Ltd v Markem Systems Ltd, Markem Technologies Ltd [2009] EWCA Civ 4410 February 2009In January 2009 Adrian Speck appeared as junior counsel for the appellant and Richard Meade QC appeared as leading counsel for the respondents. The trial at first instance was a claim for infringement brought by Zipher against Markem in which Markem brought a counter claim for invalidity of a number of Zipher’s patents. Floyd J […]
Peer International Corporation and Southern Music Publishing Co Inc and Peermusic (UK) Ltd v Editoria Musical De Cuba [2007] EWCA Civ 130823 November 2007The first instance trial concerned the entitlement to the UK copyright in 14 songs written by Cuban composers. The trial Judge, Lindsay J, found in favour of the defendants, Editoria Musical De Cuba, but at the costs hearing he did not make an order as to costs in favour of the defendants on the aspects […]