Recent cases

Les Grands Chais de France SAS v Consorzio di Tutela della Denominazione di Origine Controllata Prosecco [2020] EWHC 1633 (Ch)24 June 2020Fiona Clark appeared for the Respondent (“the Consorzio”) on this appeal against a hearing officer’s refusal to register the sign NOSECCO in respect of non-alcoholic sparkling wine and also at the hearing below. The Consorzio, an association established, inter alia, to protect the well known PROSECCO designation of origin (“the PDO”), had opposed the registration. […]
Teva v Chiesi Farmaceutici [2020] EWHC 1311 (Pat)2 June 2020Charlotte May QC appeared for the defendant in this strike out application. The claimant sought to revoke three patents held by the defendant and the defendant counterclaimed for infringement on a quia timet basis. When the defendant requested disclosure in relation to the allegedly infringing product, the claimant applied to strike out the infringement claim […]
Genentech and MDC -v- The Comptroller General of Patents [2020] EWCA Civ 47531 March 2020Andrew Lykiardopoulos QC appeared for Genentech and Charlotte May QC appeared for Master Data Center (“MDC”) in these two appeals against a decision of Mr Recorder Douglas Campbell QC (sitting as Judge of the Patents Court) refusing to allow the patentee’s supplementary patent certificate (“SPC”) to continue in force beyond the two-year period mistakenly applied […]
Abbott v Edwards Lifesciences [2020] EWHC 513 (Pat)12 March 2020Richard Meade QC, James Abrahams QC, Michael Conway, and Jennifer Dixon appeared for the claimants in this trial concerning the public interest defence to patent infringement. The trial followed the main patent trial in the case (1) Evalve Inc (2) Abbott Cardiovascular Systems Inc (3) Abbott Medical Uk Ltd V Edwards Lifesciences Ltd [2020] EWHC […]
(1) Evalve Inc (2) Abbott Cardiovascular Systems Inc (3) Abbott Medical UK Ltd v Edwards Lifesciences Ltd [2020] EWHC 514 (Pat)12 March 2020Richard Meade QC, James Abrahams QC, Michael Conway, and Jennifer Dixon appeared for the claimants in this patent infringement trial. The case concerned two patents (“850” and “810”) relating to medical devices used to treat mitral valve regurgitations by a transcatheter technique. The claimants (“Abbott”) alleged that the defendant’s (“Edwards”) product, the PASCAL device, infringed […]
ViiV Healthcare Co v Gilead Sciences Inc [2020] EWHC 615 (Pat)10 March 2020Richard Meade QC, Charlotte May QC, and James Whyte appeared for the claimants and Michael Tappin QC appeared for the defendants in this strike out application against part of the claimants’ pleaded case of patent infringement. The claimants’ patent claimed a class of compounds that included their commercial product called dolutegravir (“DTG”) and alleged that […]
Take-Two Interactive Software Inc v (1) Nathan James (2) Jordan Salvato (3) Paris Steer (4) Cameron Boness (5) Jonathan Eke [2020] EWHC 179 (Pat)29 January 2020Jaani Riordan appeared for the claimants in a claim for breach of an end user licence agreement, copyright infringement and circumvention of technological protection measures. The claim related to the development, distribution and sale of cheat software called Epsilon for use with the video game Grand Theft Auto V (“GTAV”). Epsilon is a software program […]
Christopher Wheat v Google LLC [2020] EWHC 27 (Ch)15 January 2020Jaani Riordan appeared for the respondent (“Google”) in this appeal against a decision of Chief Master Marsh refusing to grant the appellant, Mr Wheat, permission to serve Google out of the jurisdiction. Mr Wheat operated a website to which he had uploaded photographs and articles that he had authored. He discovered that third parties were […]
Easygroup Ltd v (1) Easyfly SA (2) Alfonso Avila Velandia and (3) Gie Avions de Transport Regional [2020] EWHC 40 (Ch)14 January 2020Jaani Riordan appeared as Junior Counsel for the proposed Third Defendant (“ATR”), a subsidiary of Airbus, in this opposition to joinder. EasyGroup brought a claim alleging trade mark infringement, passing off and unlawful means conspiracy against the First Defendant, a Colombian airline providing domestic flights in Colombia under the name EASYFLY, and related claims against […]
Conversant Wireless Licensing v Huawei and ZTE8 January 2020Tom Moody-Stuart QC and James Whyte appeared for the claimant and Michael Tappin QC and Henry Ward appeared for the defendants in this patent action, one of a series of technical trials between these parties.  This trial was to determine whether three of the claimant’s patents were valid and essential to telecommunications standards relating to […]