(1) Evalve Inc (2) Abbott Cardiovascular Systems Inc (3) Abbott Medical UK Ltd v Edwards Lifesciences Ltd [2020] EWHC 514 (Pat)

12 March 2020

Richard Meade QC, James Abrahams QC, Michael Conway, and Jennifer Dixon appeared for the claimants in this patent infringement trial.

The case concerned two patents (“850” and “810”) relating to medical devices used to treat mitral valve regurgitations by a transcatheter technique. The claimants (“Abbott”) alleged that the defendant’s (“Edwards”) product, the PASCAL device, infringed both patents, including a set of modified conditional claim amendments of the 810 patent. Edwards denied infringement and contended both patents were invalid.

The court found that the patents were valid over the relevant pieces of prior art and rejected the added matter arguments advanced by Edwards. The court further found that the PASCAL device infringed the relevant claims of the 850 and 810 patents, and also the modified conditional claim amendments of the 810 patent under the doctrine of equivalents.

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