8 New Square Webinars

10 June 2020

Following a successful collaboration with UCL’s IBIL, 8 New Square is running a series of webinars on recent developments in IP law and procedure.

Links to the registration forms are below. The sessions will be recorded for those unable to attend the live webinar and those recordings are accessed through the links below.

Previous Webinars

Thursday 23rd July – A Mouse’s Tail

In the recent Regeneron v Kymab judgment, insufficiency has become the latest issue of patent law to be examined by the Supreme Court. Two counsel involved in the case, Michael Tappin QC and James Whyte, set out what was at stake and where the law stands now.

Beth Collett moderated this session.

Stream the recording here.

Thursday 9th July – Internet Evidence and Digital Forensics

Presented by Martin Howe QC and Jaani Riordan. Moderated by Henry Edwards.

This hands-on seminar introduced solicitors to relevant tools, techniques and tactical considerations when gathering digital evidence, including: (1) Identifying defendants and sources of evidence online; (2) Gathering evidence; (3) Website and source code analysis; (4) Advanced search techniques; (5) Social media investigations; (6) Location analysis and (7) Metadata analysis of files and emails.

Stream the recording here.

Slides can be downloaded here.

Thursday 2nd July  – Bicycles, Baby Baths, Bears and more – Recent Developments in Design Protection

Presented by Lindsay Lane QC, Ashton Chantrielle and Beth Collett. Moderated by Henry Edwards.

A look at recent case law from the CJEU and the UK, including Cofemel, Brompton Bicycle, Shnuggle v Munchkin; as well as practice points, including pleading design rights and use of experts.

The recording of this webinar can be streamed here.

The list of cases referred to can be downloaded here.

Thursday 25th June – Optimising Evidence in Trade Mark and Passing Off Cases

Presented by Martin Howe QC and Iona Berkeley. Moderated by Henry Edwards.

This was a discussion of recent trade mark and passing off cases and lessons to be learned about what evidence to rely upon. The speakers considered the current approach to surveys and the role of trade and expert evidence.

A recording of the session is here.

The slides and list of case law is here.

Thursday 18th June  – Remote and Hybrid Hearings – The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

Presented by Daniel Alexander QC, James St Ville and Jaani Riordan and moderated by Henry Edwards.

This session drew on recent experience in video link hearings to present practical guidance on how best to deal with remote trials and applications, including: (1) managing the technology; (2) preparation of e-bundles; (3) remote procedural hearings; (4) trial advocacy, cross-examination and submissions; (5) hybrid in-person and remote hearings; and (6) the Tribunal’s perspective.

The panel offered practical guidance to those preparing for video link trials and other remote hearings.

If you were unable to attend on the day, a recording of the session is here.

The slides and links referred to by the panel are here.

Thursday 11th June  – Recent Topics in Patent Law

Presented by Daniel Alexander QCJames Abrahams QC and Jennifer Dixon and moderated by Henry Edwards.

This webinar addressed several recent topics in patent law, including the courts’ application of the doctrine of equivalents, defences to injunctions (including on public interest grounds), and the use of secondary evidence.

If you were unable to attend on the day, a recording of the session is here.